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B2beHeard Blog: Marketing Best Practices

Category: Client Spotlight

Digital Marketing Structure Helps Transition Event Strategy During COVID-19 Crisis

This past February, many b2b technology companies were planning to rollout their new advancements during the spring trade show circuit through technical presentations and product demonstrations. Enter the COVID-19 crisis, and those plans were cancelled or postponed indefinitely. One TME client—a software company that provides 3D situation awareness capabilities for aerospace and defense missions—quickly conceptualized …

Content Strategy Consistently Yields 20-25% Open Rate on Biweekly Newsletter

Australian-based Pilbara Group provides academic resource management tools to higher education institutions worldwide that support costing and budgeting processes vital to financial sustainability and survival. They have been a TME client since 2016. First, define gaps between internal BI and target need-to-knows In the beginning of 2017, Dr. William Massy, Pilbara’s longtime advisor and Professor …

Vanguard, Regaining Marketing Form in Bar Code & RFID Card Manufacturing

This past year, Vanguard ID Systems celebrated 30 years in the bar code, RFID, and magnetic stripe card manufacturing industry with over 30 patents. They produce loyalty, gift, and promotional cards for retail to restaurants; membership cards for libraries, fitness centers, and healthcare; and security-focused cards for store and office access, contactless consumer payments, and …

The Future of Air Travel: Electronic Bag Tags to Avoid Long Lines & Lost Luggage

When barcode pioneer Rick Warther found himself stuck in a long line at the airport check-in and missed a flight, it was then that Electronic Bag Tags were conceived with the vision to replace paper-based tags using RFID technology. This forward-thinking idea became ViewTag, which allows airline passengers to avoid the airport kiosk and easily …