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B2beHeard Blog: Marketing Best Practices

Category: Roadmaps

8-Step Gap Analysis: Digital Marketing

If you are selling products and services business-to-business, via distribution channels, or direct to consumer, we recommend using our quick gap analysis tool before initiating or expanding your digital marketing plans. Experience tells us that this gap analysis proves incredibly useful in accurately determining your current performance as compared to your true potential. In other …

Good Web Design, But Not Capturing Leads?

Too often, we have seen b2b technology companies re-design their websites and recycle “Me Too” messaging to keep up with their competition. The fresh design may win an award for the web company, marketing firm, or internal team, but is the website doing its primary job—capturing leads? We suggest beginning with the end in mind …

Inbound Marketing to Quickly Replenish Prospects

When your business development team is lean and your prospect database (or CRM) is considered stale or riddled with invalid prospects (left the company, incorrectly entered manually or by exports from other systems, full of suspects, and simply old information), consider this roadmap to boost your sales pipeline with fresh, qualified leads. Step 1: Get things …