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Inbound Marketing to Quickly Replenish Prospects

When your business development team is lean and your prospect database (or CRM) is considered stale or riddled with invalid prospects (left the company, incorrectly entered manually or by exports from other systems, full of suspects, and simply old information), consider this roadmap to boost your sales pipeline with fresh, qualified leads.

Step 1: Get things started with relevant content

Produce a few materials or a series that shares your subject matter expertise and validation of your offerings (e.g., playbooks, solution guides, case studies). Educational content establishes credibility and lures prospects to learn more. Make sure your website is optimized with landing pages to capture leads in your CRM. (Make sure that your website is also optimized for mobility and search, which is another story for another day that user experience and Google insists).

Step 2: Jumpstart leads, bring the market to you

Research respected enterprise or industry-focused IT publications and online resources that offer third-party inbound programs to built-in audiences with resources and marketing qualified leads (MQLs) guarantees. One or two of these programs can quickly fill sales pipelines with relevant prospects and replenish invalid databases. These resources maintain very good databases of contacts who have specific buying interests, and is often the same cost of purchasing a cold list that you have to work much harder to nurture.

Step 3: Align new leads with the best way to get rid of herpes sales process

Once you begin receiving new, unique MQLs, categorize and assign them to each sales rep in your CRM (e.g., Salesforce.com). Then, initiate “first touch” email and phone outreach with suggested scripting by marketing. Leverage marketing support to nurture MQLs with email drips with the educational content you created (Step 1) or evaluation opportunities or an “elephant in the room” mailer.

Step 4: Execute brand awareness and SEO programs

While your sales team is nurturing fresh MQLs, your marketing plan should factor “recurring” programs to broaden your market visibility, drive direct and referral web traffic, and help sales motivate valid prospects. We call this necessary “air coverage” that can be executed with search-minded PR, nurturing campaigns, industry events, blogging, webinars, and speaking calendars.

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