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The Globe in 3D: Visualization Platform Expands Its Capabilities

Vricon, a Saab and DigitalGlobe company, introduced its 3D visualization platform in 2015 for military operations planning and situational awareness. In 2016, the company embarked on rebranding initiative to expand its software suite to support additional industries and applications—telecommunications, emergency preparedness, intelligence analysis. This was a revolution in GEOINT tradecraft offering decision makers the entire world in highly accurate, immersive 3D.

New content to meet sales strategies

With the help of TME, the effort started with a refresh of the key selling assets. Infographics were created to showcase the expanded solutions and software suite. The benefits were presented through explainer videos. And trade shows were used to field-test the message and fuel new strategies for a website, social media, and lead gen.

New website for lead capture

A new Vricon website information architecture and design maximized the user experience. It brought together the previously-developed assets, distinctive messaging, awareness engines for PR and social, on-page SEO, and a prominent lead capture mechanism and call-to-action for product demos. Early reports indicated higher volumes of demo requests stemming from organic traffic and a proactive marketing plan. The performance of Vricon’s new website continues to increase.

Today, TME supports the execution of Vricon’s marketing plan including the maintenance of the website.

Vricon: The Globe in 3D // Acquired by Maxar