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Article: Uber Air & New Jersey Firms

Strategic communications from TME led to this Philadelphia Inquirer article and pick-ups from other publications in Aviation and eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing).

Why not fly over it?’ Uber picks New Jersey firms in ambitious bid to beat traffic congestion

By 2050, the United Nations predicts that 70 percent of the world’s populations will live in urban areas, inviting more cars to already congested highways. Two New Jersey companies are helping create an airborne solution

Jaunt Air Mobility’s model is a hybrid of a plane and a helicopter. It combines an airplane’s wings and a helicopters top rotor to provide more stability and safety features.
Courtesy of Jaunt Air Mobility (custom credit)

Two local companies are in the vanguard of building Uber’s latest venture of dominating cities’ skies through air taxis, a project called Uber Elevate.

Jaunt Air Mobility, an aerospace vehicle start-up in Pennsauken, and Price Systems, a cost estimation company in Mount Laurel, are working with Uber to design, build, and estimate the cost of making modern-looking electronic helicopters the future of urban transportation.