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Digital Marketing Structure Helps Transition Event Strategy During COVID-19 Crisis

This past February, many b2b technology companies were planning to rollout their new advancements during the spring trade show circuit through technical presentations and product demonstrations. Enter the COVID-19 crisis, and those plans were cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

One TME client—a software company that provides 3D situation awareness capabilities for aerospace and defense missions—quickly conceptualized an online showcase to repurpose their planned content into 1 afternoon, with 6 demos, and live Q&A—aimed to educate their at-home customers and prospects, many of whom also planned to attend the trade shows.

Because a digital marketing structure was previously established, a promotions roadmap was able to be turned on fast. Email marketing and organic LinkedIn posts got things started to reach current customers and prospects. But a big boost in registrations and awareness came from using paid search, social media, and retargeting to attract NEW prospects that would normally be met at the trade shows.

This is how it came together…

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through the Google Ad Network tapped into keywords that trade show attendees would be using including the trade show name itself. Custom Audience Ads through LinkedIn promoted to users with specific job titles, interests, geographic areas, education levels, etc. Account-Based Marketing, also through LinkedIn, promoted to specific companies that the sales team was targeting. Finally, Google and LinkedIn Retargeting Ads displayed on various sites and apps once website visitors left our clients site.

Here is what really matters…

Over 1,600 people registered for the online showcase. Approximately 300 (20%) of the registrants were new names in their CRM, largely resulting from SEM and Custom Audience Ads through LinkedIn. The SEM and LinkedIn ads also helped to establish brand awareness with new eyeballs. After using demographic, geographic, and account-based marketing data sourced from the sales team, we helped to also generate over 2,800 clicks from targeted search terms; 65,000 impressions with previous website visitors from retargeting ads; and 30,000 exposures of the online showcase with prospects on LinkedIn. Remarketing to new prospects now begins.

Curious how each strategy might move the needle in your organization?  Invest time, not money, and get your Free Digital Marketing Roadmap, on us.