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GLP Certification Program Addresses Latest FDA Regulations

In August 2016, the FDA revised its Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) regulations and is currently conducting surveillance inspections of laboratories, testing sites, and contract research organizations (CROs) to ensure that facilities comply with GLP, and can maintain data integrity for their studies. If the Study Director cannot prove GLP compliance and data integrity, they can be subject to a Form 483, other Warning Letters, and more.

The Center for Professional Innovation & Education (CfPIE), a global leader of technical training across the life sciences industry, has introduced a unique GLP Facility Certification Program that provides the documentation needed to prove that U.S. facilities and quality systems are fully GLP compliant.

Until now, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical-device laboratories and CROs in the U.S. had no way to show that their facilities are compliant with GLP, as their European counterparts can.

The Marketing Rub: 2 Requests in 8 Hours

We collaborated with CfPIE’s Program Director to develop the offering, which includes a 5-step process toward certification. Past attendees of CfPIE’s “GLP for Pre-Clinical Testing” training class, many of whom had expressed the need, were our first focus to introduce the Program. Our initial market introduction also included a targeted and integrated email campaign, PR, social media, SME blogging, and telemarketing. Within the first eight hours of promotions, CfPIE received two requests for its GLP Facility Certification Program. More B2B marketing strategies that drive demand.