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Good Web Design, But Not Capturing Leads?

Too often, we have seen b2b technology companies re-design their websites and recycle “Me Too” messaging to keep up with their competition. The fresh design may win an award for the web company, marketing firm, or internal team, but is the website doing its primary job—capturing leads?

We suggest beginning with the end in mind by forming a differentiating hero message and information architecture that sparks the sales process. Today’s quick browsing behaviors require prominent, well-packaged calls-to-action for channeling leads through your CRM—inquires, incentives, educational content and events, product demos, or even direct purchases for lower cost products, applications, or subscriptions. These foundational assets will drive effective web design and win-over your sales team and distribution partners who have revenue goals.

Be sure to properly incorporate on-page SEO and leverage digital (and offline) marketing campaigns and events to drive direct and organic web traffic. Or, speak with TME to explore our web delivery process and work that has supported product launches, rebranding initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, or startup company needs.

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