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News for Credibility, Not Just Press Releases

Distributing your press releases over a Newswire does support organic SEO but not considered silver bullets for small businesses. Many can’t justify the expense and often stop or do it when they think they have something hot, and expect a lot out of it.

However, prospects—many with short attention spans scan “recent” headlines—judge us based on our Newsroom (or our Blog acting as a newsroom), which shows credibility, advancement, and innovation—especially for product companies selling software, devices, hardware, consumer goods, etc.

What you have buried, disbursed, or not posted to your website may be considered News by today’s standards. We suggest that you can centralize what you have. Here are some examples:

  • Blog posts that reveal subject matter expertise
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • Explainer videos and infographics
  • Product or software releases and roadmaps
  • Conference speaking and participation
  • Expert reactions to trending industry news
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Published trend reports, guides, e-books, survey results
  • Customer successes
  • Corporate achievements and milestones
  • Key executives joining or changing roles
  • Achievements by your technical staff
  • Philanthropy and work in your community
  • Activity in industry organizations

Side note: Make your headlines short and compelling for today’s attention spans and optimize your pages for organic search. Or speak to TME about elevating your digital marketing plans.