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Podcast Versatility as a Marketing Tool

During the pandemic, webinars took off. It seemed everyone was hosting them. There were so many, in fact, that people began to get burned out.

While there is still a place for webinars to visually demonstrate content and passively interact with attendees, many companies are incorporating podcasts to educate their audiences. Why?

Podcasts are versatile. People can listen to them while driving, relaxing, working out, or multitasking in a business setting from any device. This gives listeners the sense that their time is being valued.

In addition, podcasts are casual, which lends them an air of authenticity. Since they are usually delivered in various styles (guest interview, solo/monologue, or conversational co-hosts), listeners are able to find subject matter experts with whom they can relate.

At TME, we’ve seen great success with our client’s podcasts. They are easy to get to market, and with a little coaching, many company executives can host a podcast with ease. Once live, they provide an excellent option for web traffic, lead generation, and organic search.

Want to see if podcasts are right for your organization? Contact us to learn more.