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TME: Marketing Depth for Many Offerings

Since 2003, TME has helped early and next stage innovators and tech companies reach decision-makers to end users for a range of products and services. Here is a representative list of their offerings:


  • Electronic bag tag (device) sold via airlines to passengers
  • Resource management tools for higher edu financial sustainability
  • 3D simulation and mapping for situational awareness
  • Business continuity planning software for disaster recovery
  • Indoor golf simulators and recreation center
  • Barcode, RFID, and magnetic stripe card manufacturing
  • Safety syringes that reduce needlestick accidents
  • E-learning tools for educational institutions: K-12 to colleges
  • Infrastructure performance monitoring of data centers
  • QC informatics for pharma lab testing processes
  • Tension measurement instrumentation
  • Cardio-based compression therapy boot
  • Portable irrigators that prevent ear infections
  • Cost estimation software for A&D bidding and budget planning
  • Mobile asset management and tracking
  • Media CRM and sales intelligence platform
  • Product design tradeoff software for manufacturing industries
  • ERP and supply chain traceability software
  • Health plan document automation for insurance brokers
  • Water testing and analytical instruments for pharma labs
  • Endotoxin detection and cell-based therapeutics
  • Online directory of lawyers for individuals and small businesses
  • Portable x-ray spectrographic instrumentation
  • Thin client laptops for server-based computing environments
  • Asset management tools for U.S. DoD depots and suppliers


  • Information security and digital forensics
  • Identity and web access management
  • Managed services and global IT solutions
  • IT risk management consulting for CIOs and CFOs
  • Data analytics and monetization for CxOs
  • Systems integration: IBM, Microsoft, VMware, HP
  • IT acquisition training for buyers across U.S. DoD
  • Cloud infrastructure services and hosting
  • Compliance training: pharma, biotech, medical device
  • Salesforce CRM services and training
  • Big Data, BI, and data warehousing
  • Content and quality management for life sciences
  • Developer network for mapping, geocoding, routes, traffic
  • Member-based project management organization
  • IBM’s Blade.org (member-based collaboration)
  • Private equity and crowdfunding service

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