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The Future of Air Travel: Electronic Bag Tags to Avoid Long Lines & Lost Luggage

When barcode pioneer Rick Warther found himself stuck in a long line at the airport check-in and missed a flight, it was then that Electronic Bag Tags were conceived with the vision to replace paper-based tags using RFID technology.

This forward-thinking idea became ViewTag, which allows airline passengers to avoid the airport kiosk and easily check their bag at home or anywhere. It’s a permanent, digital alternative to paper-based bag tags that securely attaches to your luggage—and is approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

In addition to speed and convenience, ViewTag reduces lost and mishandled bags that has been an increasing issue for airlines and airports. In fact, 23 million bags were reported mishandled in 2017 worldwide.

The b2b play

ViewTag is currently sold via airlines to its customers. Participating airlines allow you to track your bags throughout the airport handling process using their app. It will soon be sold directly to passengers who can use the device universally with any airline.

ViewTag’s branding and positioning (logo to messaging), corporate website, infographics, and co-branded purchase sites for airline passengers was led by TME.

ViewTag: Simply speedier airport experience