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Vanguard, Regaining Marketing Form in Bar Code & RFID Card Manufacturing

This past year, Vanguard ID Systems celebrated 30 years in the bar code, RFID, and magnetic stripe card manufacturing industry with over 30 patents. They produce loyalty, gift, and promotional cards for retail to restaurants; membership cards for libraries, fitness centers, and healthcare; and security-focused cards for store and office access, contactless consumer payments, and time and attendance card systems—all within a 55,000-square-foot facility in West Chester, PA.

Over the years, Vanguard’s solutions became industry innovations to improve customer engagement as new identification and transaction technologies were introduced. From this, they accumulated tons of content, messages, samples, successes, accolades, and various ways to sell and package their card solutions that funneled into a 100-page website. This became too much information for web visitors to absorb, forcing them to bounce quickly, which tremendously reduced Vanguard’s website leads and inquires. Not to mention that the industry saw a rise in competitors that were getting the leads that Vanguard’s site turned away.

TME was engaged to sort it all out, improve the user experience, and increase leads. This first started with a strategic branding initiative to boost the message and repackage the offerings—working closely with Vanguard’s leadership team and sales consultants. We distilled our efforts into a web strategy and architecture that guided modern web design and content practices. We executed an approach that:

  • Elevated Vanguard’s card solution categories, technology offerings, specialty services, and history and achievements.
  • Placed a brighter spotlight on the quality of their cards and manufacturing process by using professional photography.
  • Incorporated ways to engage and educate buyers while on the site, before speaking to a sales consultant, such as Live Chat and FAQs.

After the first week that the new website launched, Vanguard’s leads went from 1-2 per week to 2-3 leads per day. This was before the marketing plan is executed, which is our next journey. Vanguard is on its way to regaining its marketing form in bar code and RFID card manufacturing. Stay tuned!

Vanguard ID Systems: Card Solutions for Customer Engagement